Waste Management Services

Maintaining a clean, hygienic and healthy environment

ASC provide waste management services, that are designed, and delivered with a cradle to grave mentality and approach. Our approach to waste management reduces associated costs to our clients, reduces their business activity related carbon footprint, and protect the local community in which they operate whilst contributing to a cleaner less polluted environment.

ASC design, develop and maintain a hygienic, clean, and healthy environment for our clients to work and or reside within, an environment that is, free of pests and potential risks that encourage the breeding and or spreading of disease as a direct result of poor waste management procedures. Whilst creating and maintaining a risk-free environment, we also hope to assist your business in reducing its carbon footprint and the impact your activities have on the local communities, a carbon footprint that is directly related to your business activities and waste management processes and procedures.

We will dispose of your waste in an ethical and approved manner, liaising with the local waste sites in the area, ensuring your waste issues are taken care off and regulatory compliance is adhered to at all times. As part of our promise to deliver a greener process, any materials that can be recycled reducing the volume of waste disposed, will be recycled correctly with the associated metric data being submitted to the client as a concerted effort towards their organisation’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibilities. Any renumeration received as a result of the recycling process will be donated to a local charity or education facility of the clients choosing to promote their Corporate Social Responsibility programme (Optional).

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