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Offering full spectrum of transportable assets to support mobile operations

ASC recognise the operational and logistical complexities that derive from keeping operations running smoothly 24/7, time and resources are money, logistically supporting a team that is continuously mobile is both time consuming and prove problematic.

Our concept originally designed to support rig operations, brings a sustainable and cost-effective deployment solution, that seamlessly supports mobile teams during long-term, remote, mobile operations with the full spectrum of transportable assets. ASC will deploy a highly capable support team, our team will deliver your life support and welfare requirements to a standard afforded to static facilities management sites.

Our mobile support service can be adapted to support large pipeline engineering activities, providing a rolling and constant safe and secure support network to our clients and our supporting staff. These transportable assets will be logistically supported with fuel and water tankers, allowing for sustainable remote life support over longer periods of time with unhindered power and water supply. ASC will conduct ground/site remediation, returning the site to its former state prior to occupation. ASC will dispose of all site waste produced onsite with a cradle to grave mentality and approach, your waste will be disposed of an ethical manner, ensuring waste management regulatory compliance is adhered to.

With no fixed assets, movement and continuous service support is guaranteed, ASC afford our clients the flexibility to move at will, based on their operational commitments, timeline, terrain and travel distances, providing our clients with all of the amenities associated with fixed life support. Upon request, we can provide additional units such as a welfare unit and gym. We enhance your performance ensuring your business stays on track, on time and on budget.

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