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About Us

ASC is a well established conglomerate company registered and operating out of the UAE, with wider business interests and operations in Qatar and Iraq.

At ASC, we pride ourselves on our client centric approach to conducting business, our team are passionate about what we do, how we do it, and the final outcome, over time we have developed and built a bespoke and diverse list of clientele. Our passion for client satisfaction is the differentiating factor from our competitors, enabling ASC to deliver projects with remarkable efficiency at affordable rates, without ever compromising on quality or safety.

Our Services

Why Choose Us

ASC offer and deliver cost-effective specialised services that are a representation of our high-end quality and compliance standards that are cognisant with local market nuances. Our services consist of construction, remote life support services, physical security solutions, logistics, water sewage treatment, waste management, cold storage, warehousing, mobile support solutions, event management and a wide range of business support services.

Our projects are delivered with safety as our foremost priority, implementing risk management procedures to manage the planning, design, construction, testing and commissioning phases of each project undertaken, our team takes it to the next level, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our Values

Our service delivery surpasses all benchmarks, we go the extra mile, our services are continuously delivered to the highest of standards and quality elevating client performance.
We are committed to innovation and technological advancements, delivering outstanding products and services to our clients.
Our business culture and approach allows for informative decision-making, based on resources, environment and profitability, driving our business strategies and operational performance.
Client Centricity
We are passionate about what we do, how we do it and the final outcome. Our every decision and business approach is based entirely upon the needs and requirements of our clients providing our clients with a positive and cost-effective journey and the realisation of their vision.
Our innovative business solutions ensure we remain highly competitive, providing value add services to our clients.
Assurance of reliability, quality and compliance that is continuously monitored and measured for operational performance, training practices, policies and procedures, the driving force behind continuous improvement.


To continue to build strong business relationships with our clients, together developing and securing sustainable longevity, via profitability and expansion.


Our aim is to continuously deliver valued products and services, offering our clients assurance, compliance, sustainability while elevating operational performance. We inspire and support our clients in realizing their maximum potential, becoming their go to long term service provider.

Our Clients

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