Delivering large, complex and multi-faceted projects

We have a solid reputation for delivering large and complex and multi-faceted projects across the MENA region, construction projects that are delivered ahead of schedule and on budget. At ASC, the quality of workmanship and our robust safety standards are delivered without compromise.

A known and trusted brand, with a hands-on approach, providing infrastructure that underpins the success of our clients’ business activities and operations. We believe that design is at the heart of every project, we also understand that the key to the success of every project is understanding our clients’ concept, their expectations, needs and vision, we then exceed those expectations and needs, delivering the project they had envisaged.

Our full-time team of architects, engineers and construction specialists are unique in their ability to execute and deliver complex multi-faceted construction projects. Our team of experts are continuously innovating, developing and conceptualising new designs, production and delivery methods, new technology, cost-effective resources and efficient methodologies which benefit our clients.

Efficient and effective preconstruction works provide the platform for smooth construction. We use this period to add value, effectively engaging, empowering and inspiring our clients, providing detailed and cost-effective options, enabling informative decisions to be made, subsequently allowing operations to run unhindered, which are delivered on time and on budget.

Our experience and knowledge have been honed over a decade of delivering projects across the region. We work in close partnership with our subcontractors and supply chain network, drawing upon a combined expertise to deliver projects. Continuously monitoring and measuring performance, analysing and managing risk, enhancing our practices and procedures as a result of lessons learned and emerging technologies and cutting edge techniques.

We positively embrace change, striving to improve in everything we do, our flexible approach, robust health and safety processes and procedures and adherence to compliance, allow ASC to continuously meet industry specific performance requirements and standards relating to, HCN; International laws, Industry regulations and best practices, whilst forming and developing strong community relationships and embracing local culture.

We deliver environmentally efficient solutions, ASC continuously monitor performance, measuring our carbon footprint that relate directly to our business activities and the impact those activities have upon the local community and wider environmental space. We will where it is possible to do so, manufacture and build off site, saving time whilst reducing associated emissions, offering our clients increased efficiency, cost savings with their projects meeting their maximum potential.

“We help our clients achieve their goals and objectives and realise their vision, we take great pride on delivering excellence and being a true value add to your team”.

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