We pride ourselves on being able to provide quality services to our customers at affordable prices, ensuring improved efficiency and fulfillment. We provide our clients with one of the best available equipments and modern technology, and enhance customer satisfaction with on site customer support available 24/7. The following are some of the services ASC provides to its valuable clients:


  • Building renovations.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning.
  • Installation of many types of systems with full maintenance support services.
  • Glass installation.
  • Panels, windows, doors, large or small windows, decorative designs, special Panels, windows, doors, large or small windows, decorative designs, special glass, weatherproof pane windows Weatherproofing Services
  • Protection of your exterior surfaces with protective coatings to keep wood,cement, tile floors in good condition
  • Carpentry
  • Fixtures such as toilets, basins, floor tiles, wall tiles, windows and doors, Masonry-brick, cement, plasterboard, tiles, decorative tiles, ceramics, cinder block, sidewalks, porches, easements, and special detailing

General Trading and Contracting

  • PVC Resin/Compounds/Stabilizers
  • Rubber and Rubberized Products
  • Oilfield Supplies
  • Chemicals
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Bitumen and Allied Bituminized products
  • Timber White wood, Beach wood, Teak wood Oak wood etc
  • Plywood, MDF etc
  • Paint & Ink etc
  • Soap/Detergent
  • Solvents
  • High Class HT/SS Fasteners
  • CS/SS Flange & Pipe Fittings
  • Precision Turned Components
  • Sheet Metal Components
  • Steel Forgings Steel Forgings
  • Aluminum Pressure Die Casting
  • Structural Bolts and Nuts
  • Stud Bolts and Nuts in different grades
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Bolts & Nuts
  • Security Nuts ( Shear Nuts) in MS/SS
  • Grease Gun Couplers ( Hydraulic Couplers)
  • Cement and Cement Products
  • Steel –Deformed Bars –BS 4449 GR 460B ASTM A 615 GR 60
  • All types of Structural Steel
  • Hardware and Construction Material Hardware and Construction Material
  • Plastics & Eng. Polymers
  • Petroleum Products

Institutional and Corporate procurement

ASC has a well managed procurement system meeting customer demands on a timely basis. We provide excellent services to meet your needs in material delivery. * Ability to source commodities (Food stuff) in large quantities and within spec for the MEA region spec for the MEA region * Ability to source minerals in bulk * Ability to procure Defense / Force Protection related items

Customer Services

We are full fledged with International staff recruited to meet the multiple types of business customers to include the “right person for the right job” to consult. Staff well versed in many types and areas of work can assist the customer in planning, organizing any strategies needed to get any project completed Questions regarding inquiries of various types of work or projects are also well attended.

Additional Services

ASC has the ability to procure vehicles (cars, 4 x 4, light utility vehicles, heavy vehicles) for both civilian and defense use (armored and modified to spec) Heavy Lift Equipment: * Crane 20 and 40 Ton Crane 20 and 40 Ton * Fork Lift 3,6,12 Ton * Container Handling * Rubble Recovery Tractor and trailer combinations, tractor(bobtail)only, flatbed trailers, low boy trailers, dump trucks, small, medium, and large cargo transport hauling, cargo and special cargo trucks, vacuum trucks, water tankers, water tankers with water sprayers for dust control. Heavy Equipment Transport Services Construction equipment of many types, oversize containers and cargo boxes, sea train and Maersk trailers, long and short haul distances any location.
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